Subject: My Account Problem

Posted on: 20/05/09 02:31pm
By: PNMarkW2

Okay, the short story, I upgraded to version 1.5.2sr4 last week, and I've spent the last week working out some issues related to the FTP transfer to the hosting company. To the best of my knowledge these are all resolved and today everything is working, except...

When as a logged in user I click on the My Account link it displays my 'Username and Password', plus some other tabs to view/change other parts of my user profile. Clicking on these other options, like 'About You' or 'Content' nothing happens. I am not able to view or change anything other then the 'Username and Password' options.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Smile

Re: My Account Problem

Posted on: 21/05/09 10:17am
By: Dirk

Sounds like a JavaScript issue. So either the public_html/javascript/profile_editor.js is defective or something in your browser is blocking the JavaScript (NoScript or AdBlock extension in Firefox, for example).

bye, Dirk

Re: My Account Problem

Posted on: 21/05/09 11:27am
By: PNMarkW2

Good suggestions, but no joy yet.

As a side note I have other sites using the same version of Geeklog with no issues.

I am using Firefox with Adblock, so I disabled Adblock for that site, no change.

I uploaded a new copy of profile_editor.js, no change

Javascript itself is active (I don't use noscript).

On a possibly related note, I am able to make changes on the one tab, 'Username and Password', that shows, I just can't see anything else to make a change.

I also checked the site from a different computer using IE with the same. This functionality also works here, so I don't think it's a browser issue.

Thanks for your help. Any other suggestions?

Re: My Account Problem

Posted on: 21/05/09 06:39pm
By: Laugh

Hmm, I had a similar problem 6 months ago and from what I remember it was a css issue I had.

Are you getting a javascript error message when you click on a tab or visit the My Account page?

Re: My Account Problem

Posted on: 21/05/09 06:48pm
By: PNMarkW2

No, I'm not seeing any error at all. An error would make it easier. Big Grin

Per your css thought I tried to upload a new copy, but no difference.

Oh, I thought I posted this before, but the site is at should anyone want to check it out first hand.


Following up on the css idea I updated the theme and everything seems to work now, so it must have been something in there that was sideways. Just need to reapply some tweaks and all will be good again.

Thanks for all the help Smile

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