Subject: Wiki Options

Posted on: 19/05/09 02:58pm
By: PNMarkW2

I'm looking for a Wiki I can put on a new site I'm working on, but DocuWiki doesn't seem to have some of the features I'm needing. Specifically, I need a page to show under multiple categories. Think of a book or game, you might want to see the page both under publisher, genre, title, etc. DocuWiki, while a fine wiki in and of itself, does not seem to offer that type of functionality.

I've looked at some other options, and found several, including phpWiki, that would seem to meet my needs. But I'd like something that would be a part of my Geeklog site. Does anyone know of a bridge or plugin to link phpWiki, or some other wiki program, into Geeklog?

Thanks Smile

Re: Wiki Options

Posted on: 19/05/09 03:45pm
By: Dirk

I think DokuWiki is pretty much your only option right now, as far as a working Geeklog / wiki integration goes.

If you don't mind hacking some things yourself, you'll find references to integrations for ewiki and even MediaWiki but I'm not sure if those are still working ...

bye, Dirk

Re: Wiki Options

Posted on: 19/05/09 05:57pm
By: PNMarkW2


Thanks for the information. I don't mind hacking around some, I am a programmer. It would be nice to have more options though. Yea, I know, nothing stopping me from doing something about that. Big Grin

If anyone has done something different I'd welcome hearing it.

Re: Wiki Options

Posted on: 08/06/09 11:25am
By: lasat

Try the Redirect Plugin under Dokuwiki. You run only into trouble if you use acl's in a complex way :-)

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