Subject: MediaGallery Errors

Posted on: 19/05/09 12:31pm
By: PNMarkW2

Last week I upgraded both Geeklog (1.5.2 sr4) and Media Gallery (1.5.1) and I'm still getting some random errors. Most of these I can correct by re-uploading the file giving me an error. Clearly there seems to be an issue with our hosting company causing problems with files uploaded via FTP, but that is not my question today.

When I get a hard error I know where it is and I can look and take action (upload the file again), but I'm getting some errors that aren't hard errors, so I don't know where to look or what file(s) might have been corrupted by the FTP to our hosting company.

1) If I try to add a new image to an existing album I get a blank page and no file is uploaded

2) When I'm looking at an album and click on a thumbnail to view the image the resulting page is rendered twice. (this can be seen by visiting and viewing the gallery.

3) When viewing a gallery the slide show option does not work, it displays the first image (displaying that image twice as above) and does nothing else.

I know the best answer would be to upload the whole thing again, but until such time as our hosting company acknowledges and corrects the issues we've been having FTPing files I guarantee uploading will cause more problems then it fixes. I've been there, done that.

Please note I have done this same upgrade on a different site, plus done a new install on a test site. Both of these had zero issues of any kind. So with the hosting company I use, zero issues, the hosting company the site I'm working on lives, lots of issues.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be welcome

Re: MediaGallery Errors

Posted on: 19/05/09 04:29pm
By: ::Ben


If you think it is a hosting issue, you could consider to change your hosting company.

What is your ftp program?


Re: MediaGallery Errors

Posted on: 19/05/09 05:33pm
By: PNMarkW2

Changing hosting companies is not an option I have, this is a site for a local Boy Scout District, I as a volunteer don't have that big a say on making such changes. Big Grin

I'm using FileZilla as my FTP client, and as I said I've done two other sites during this same time frame with no problem. The only difference between all three sites is the hosting. With the Boy Scout site, if it gives me a hard error, I upload the file(s) in question again and things work until I find the next error and upload those files, etc, etc.

But I'm now finding errors like, like the ones in this post, that don't give me a clue what file(s) are involved. Or, another error I'm tracking down where uploading the offending files isn't proving good enough.

I'm working with the IT Manager at the Scout office, and he is working with the hosting company, but it's a hard error to track down, and I've got a site that's not fully working.

I have SSH access, I could try that for the file transfer and see if I get a different result.

Re: MediaGallery Errors

Posted on: 20/05/09 02:09pm
By: PNMarkW2

Just to close this thread with a resolution of some kind, as far as I can tell I have been able to get everything working again. At least all of the errors I was able to identify have been resolved, and no new errors have been discovered.

What I did was to download a program called wxChecksums and use it to create a text file with the MD5 checksum values for the MediaGallery files.

I then uploaded that file and through my shell account I was able to run md5sum with that file against the installed MediaGallery files. I found 466 files failed this MD5 check, and that was only the public MediaGallery directory.

So at this point I zipped the files, uploaded the zip, unzipped it and ran the MD5 check again and all was well. I repeated this on the other plugin folders and found similar results.

I know some would always upload a zipped file and unzip it via a shell account, I don't normally have shell access so I'm more use to using FTP. It's just in this case, with that host, something was/is making the FTP go sideways in many cases. Smile

Re: MediaGallery Errors

Posted on: 20/05/09 03:06pm
By: ::Ben


Nice you solved this strange issue.


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