Subject: 1.4.1 upgrade to 1.5.1?

Posted on: 22/01/09 03:34pm
By: hubersan

I've got a number of GL1.4.1 sites that I have admittedly been lax about. Thanks to some unrelated issues, I'm now looking into upgrading these to 1.5.1, but it's not going well at all. The first one I tried went horribly, with the theme bombing out (figured, because I didn't find a 1.5.1 theme) and half of the config not coming over for some reason. The second one I tried going to glFusion instead, and had similar problems..

Other than RTFM (which I did, but perhaps not as well as I should have), are there suggestions on a 'best case' upgrade path? I made sure the plugin configs were in the folder, etc, but may have missed others.


Re: 1.4.1 upgrade to 1.5.1?

Posted on: 24/01/09 07:59am
By: Dirk

I'm not aware of any specific problems with the upgrade from earlier versions. Could you be more specific as to which problems you're having?

Upgrades should pretty much work as usual: Upload all the new files, run the install script in upgrade mode.

If you're upgrading from a pre-1.5.0 version, also put the config.php files back into place or the upgrade will revert your configuration back to default settings. That's the only difference I can think of (other than the fact that you don't have to edit lib-common.php any more).

bye, Dirk

Re: 1.4.1 upgrade to 1.5.1?

Posted on: 28/01/09 10:06pm
By: Dan Stoner

Was your original install with Fantastico?

I have a similar problem and have traced it back to the upgrade _to_ 1.4.1 via Fantastico which introduced some problems, and trying to go to 1.5.1 making it even worse. The theme issues might be resolvable by copying the missing theme files from the plain Professional theme that ships with 1.5.1. In my case there were only 2 or 3 files missing and I just copied them into my custom theme directory.

However, your site may still be broken like mine because of missing database fields or other things. Hopefully you can go back to a backup of a working 1.4.1 site.

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