Subject: FAQ, and Story Video Question

Posted on: 01/01/09 05:12pm
By: Anonymous

I have two questions that I am hoping someone can help me to resolve.
I may have asked the first one in the list before.

1-.swf videos in stories, not youtube, but my own. I would like to be able to embed, or upload a video to a story. fckeditor allows me to upload a .swf video to a file folder and attach it to a story, but upon saving, or previewing the story the video vanishes. Is there any way around this besides linking the story to a static page that will allow me to embed a .flv video.

2- the faq plugin, faq 1.0.3, the link to the developer or source "pluginscms," I have tried to login to the website, however I do not receive a return login email, eventhough the website states that I will be receiving one shortly.
I need to know how to add additional faq's and categories - there is know way to perform this tasks in faq/admin. I cannot use faqman plugin, for some reason faqman does not install correctly, the faq1.0.3 does, but the initialy stated problem exist.

Any help appreciated,


Re: FAQ, and Story Video Question

Posted on: 07/01/09 06:54pm
By: 1000ideen

Have you tried Media Gallery to upload pictures and films?

Re: FAQ, and Story Video Question

Posted on: 07/01/09 07:03pm

And have you tried MultiFAQ v3.0 - a reboot of MultiFAQ?

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