Subject: forum plugin error

Posted on: 15/11/08 01:31pm
By: Anonymous

I get this error after installing the forum mod per instructions.

An error has occurred:
(This text is only displayed to users in the group 'Root'Wink
2 - require_once(/home/content/t/i/m/timothy7873/html/geek/system/lib-portalparts.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory @ /home/content/t/i/m/timothy7873/html/geek/plugins/forum/ line 54

i get the forum install plugin, however this is the error i get after clicking the link to install.
i put the lib-portalparts.php in my main public directory... root/html/lib-portalparts.php
i no of knowehere else to put it, the instructions state to put it were other lib-xxxxxxx.php files are and the only other lib file i see is lib-common.php and it is located in /root/html/

any help or suggestions appreciated.


Re: forum plugin error

Posted on: 15/11/08 01:41pm
By: Dirk

The lib-portalparts.php is supposed to go into /path/to/geeklog/system

bye, Dirk

Re: forum plugin error

Posted on: 25/11/08 08:38pm
By: koalasoft

I have a problem in my forum, when some is answered post, and it keeps, does not show to anything post to me that assumes I keep. he only appears the headed one. to that it will have this?

Re: forum plugin error

Posted on: 22/10/11 11:59am
By: Anonymous

Same error here also - because the developers of geeklog framework allowed external plug-ins to crash the main code instead of providing elegant solution showing that the plug-in is misconfigured... This software frustrates me to no end - I will never use it for my personal use - has a long way to go before maturity.

Re: forum plugin error

Posted on: 22/10/11 12:02pm
By: Laugh

Your forum plugin must be an older version. The current version of the plugin doesn't require lib-portalparts.


Re: forum plugin error

Posted on: 19/01/12 10:24am
By: Steffanie

This must be my issue as well, Thanks for the help!

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