Subject: Bad Behaviour Error log entries..

Posted on: 26/10/08 06:22am
By: richard.bkk

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with one of my websites, it seems to work fine, I only get errors in my error.log like this

PHP Formatted Code
Sun Oct 26 09:24:59 2008 - 1062: Duplicate entry '1992' for key 1. SQL in question: INSERT INTO `gl_bad_behavior2`
                (`ip`, `date`, `request_method`, `request_uri`, `server_protocol`, `http_headers`, `user_agent`, `request_entity`, `key`) VALUES
                ('', '2008-10-26 02:24:59', 'POST', '/trackback.php/BankofThailandintervenesinexchangemarket',

I cannot post one full error message, as I get block by a spam filter.....

I get hundreds of this messages, and at first I was shocked as the error.log was enormous in size.... Anybody knows what wrong?

Re: Bad Behaviour Error log entries..

Posted on: 28/10/08 10:28pm
By: DubiousChrisJ

It's a MySQL duplicate key error. For some reason, your system is generating duplicate values in autonumber. Could maybe be a large volume of spambots simultaneously, trying to post the same data? Check your MySQL DB for the key it references. You might also want to start modifying your htaccess file to block all traffic from the offending domains, and cut down on entries to your spam log.

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