Subject: Geeklog 1.5 Demo Themes

Posted on: 15/07/08 04:45am
By: Anonymous

If anyone is interested in wanting their theme for geeklog 1.5 shown on the Geeklog Demo Site, please create an account and login at and upload your theme. Please keep in mind, that this will be available for all to use. If you have specifics on where to download your theme from instead of or, please indicate that when uploading the theme with a complete url to the archive. We will then use that as the hot link for users to download the theme archive. If the re are any questions on any of the themes that is hosted on the demo site, please let me know. Michael

Re: Geeklog 1.5 Demo Themes

Posted on: 17/07/08 08:38am
By: ::Ben

I will submit a new themes at the end of the Geeklog Sumer of Design '08

Thanks for your work ironmax.


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