Subject: _sessions crashed - can't repaired it

Posted on: 20/05/08 12:28pm
By: garfy

I have this problem reoccurring all the time, once per month

I switched from php4 to php 5

I have

PHP version 5.2.6
MySQL version 5.0.45-community-

And it the past I could repair the table and now I can't anymore and my site is down
in the past i could just select the table sessions and click repair and it would be fixed

Can I just empty sessions table?

Blue host is asking me what are the limitations they are having, they dont know, I told them that you DIrk tell me to switch but they dont know how to help. Can you give me some ideas please so I can tell them?

This is the error

Tue May 20 10:36:21 2008 - 145: Table './bb_altermed/gl2_sessions' is marked as crashed and should be repaired. SQL in question: DELETE FROM gl2_sessions WHERE remote_ip = '' AND uid = 1

Re: _sessions crashed - can't repaired it

Posted on: 20/05/08 12:53pm
By: Anonymous

I have just emptied the sessions table, and had the site come back. Maybe others will counsel against this.


Re: _sessions crashed - can't repaired it

Posted on: 20/05/08 01:37pm
By: Dirk

When MySQL crashes or restarts, it often affects the sessions table (see earlier discussions in the forum or this bug report).

Fortunately, the gl_sessions table doesn't contain anything too valuable. The worst that can happen is that users will have to log in again since deleting the table or its contents will end their sessions.

bye, Dirk

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