Subject: RSS info

Posted on: 14/05/08 04:19pm
By: Mikez

Is there a way to get more then the title from a RSS? Like, get a few lines of the story to come up? When it was posted extra?

Re: RSS info

Posted on: 14/05/08 04:32pm
By: beewee

Quite easy, you can change this in Admin/Content Syndication. The length is now limited to 0, change that to 1 for the complete introtext, or to the number of characters you like.

If you want to parse a RSS feed in a portal block: I'm afraid you'll only get the titles...

Re: RSS info

Posted on: 16/05/08 09:37am
By: Mikez

ya but from I can see. You can only pull it with blocks.
It's kinda funny I am trying to run news from my own sight to my own sight and keep getting block because GL can't deal with a lot of news.
Every Tuesday there will be over 30 stories submitted. Thats why I am trying to make some way break it down.

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