Subject: Calendar / Events Question

Posted on: 28/04/08 03:42pm
By: kilerb

Hi, is it possible to have a bunch of events on the calendar that do not show up under the events area to the left?

I do want certain events to show there, but not all of them.


Re: Calendar / Events Question

Posted on: 29/04/08 02:09pm
By: Dirk

The only option you have is to make events not visible to certain users, e.g. anonymous users. But then they wouldn't show up in the proper calendar (for those users) either.

If you have a reliable criterion to tell these events apart from others, you could make a copy of function phpblock_calendar (from the Calendar plugin's and adapt it to your needs (create a PHP block for your new function).

bye, Dirk

Re: Calendar / Events Question

Posted on: 29/04/08 03:18pm
By: kilerb

Gotcha... Well I have the plugin that blaine made where people can sign up for events. I DO want those events to show on the left under events, but I wanted to put hundreds of other events on the calendar for informational purposes (Events they can't sign up for) only that do not show up on the left side. Is that easy to accomplish? I know how to add types of events, but i'm not sure about making a special block.


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