Subject: Geeklog`s claim - The Ultimate Weblog System

Posted on: 11/04/08 07:26am
By: 1000ideen

Geekolg`s name has just been discussed here and on the developer`s email list. Also the version number is an important issue.

Another important issue is the "claim" of a product (similar to a 'slogan'Wink. That is a short statement describing the product`s key feature. It is especially important when the name says nothing because it is a phantasy name or just initials.
E.g.: Xerox - the document company. Apart from the fact that Xerox has become a word in Enlish (to xerox means to photocopy) the name itself says nothing. Two x are pretty strange anyway. So the claim which acompanies the brand name ist terribly important to transport the idea what the company or the product does.

Geeklog has had a claim for quite a while: The Ultimate Weblog System. Nobody really seems to have thought about it in detail. On the German we changed the claim last year before the FrosCon fair 2007.
The flyer distributed as a 10 cm x 10 cm mini flyer on FrosCon 2007. We had the room number manually written on it.

The poster which lead to out stall. We drew arrows unter the text manually.

The reason was that we paid much attention to a flyer and description and thus thought about the claim in more detail. It became: Zuverlässigkeit eingebaut (reliability built in). It was a longer process that lead us there. I found it a slight problem to say about ones product that it is something 'ultimate'. It sound like boasting and on every forum you can read that their system is best. So it looks like the typical boasting and silly "it rocks" which is usually uttered emotionally and does not mean quality.

The task was to transport in a short statement the main key feature of Geeklog and to do this in a geeklog typical way, which means non boasting, sober, rock solid quality. AND it had to be different from the other existing systems especially Drupal and Joomla.

So if I lean back and think about it again I`m very pleased with the claim.

What do you think?

Re: Geeklog`s claim - The Ultimate Weblog System

Posted on: 08/02/10 04:01pm
By: 1000ideen

I`m picking this old post, as the GL mailing list is discussing this topic right now.

A typical thing when thinking about one`s position in the market is to analyse the competitors. claim: power in simplicity

Drupal has no visible claim but the header in the browser reads "community plumbing"
Joomla - nothing
wordpress - blog tool and publishing platform
typolight - barrier free Open Source Content Management System

Re: Geeklog`s claim - The Ultimate Weblog System

Posted on: 09/02/10 05:54am
By: beewee

Geeklog: your rocksolid publishing platform ?

Re: Geeklog`s claim - The Ultimate Weblog System

Posted on: 13/02/10 04:18pm
By: Habitual

Oh God, I could spend a whole day with this one...

How about:
Geeklog - When speed matters.
Geeklog - Simply, Organised.

The above describe my extensive research into over 30 publishing products, and my opinion of GL's performance and features.

I am a 'geek' and the name shouldn't be changed, it's what sparked my interest in the first place.


Re: Geeklog`s claim - The Ultimate Weblog System

Posted on: 13/02/10 10:50pm
By: RickW

I like "GeekLog", its catchy.

But I agree that "The Ultimate Weblog System" could use some work. Its not just about name brand recognition and marketing, its also search engine optimization. You want to use a phrase that helps people find your product and want to use it.

GeekLog - Free CMS for the masses

GeekLog - Content Management that works


Try and incorporate a keyword that people are looking for. There is no reason that after all these years Geeklog isn't on the first page of google results for "content management system".

Re: Geeklog`s claim - The Ultimate Weblog System

Posted on: 14/02/10 01:58am
By: Dirk

FYI: This is also discussed on the geeklog-devel mailing list. See the February archives and my kickoff post.

bye, Dirk

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