Subject: Signature in Forum

Posted on: 05/04/08 04:59am
By: deepak1155

Hello to all,

I am using geeklog1.4.1 with plugin forum 2.7 . I want to display user's signature in the forum when user create a topis or reply the topic. I also want to display user signature's text with there post. How can I do this. Please reply.


Re: Signature in Forum

Posted on: 06/04/08 06:55am
By: k74

Your users just have to fill out the signature section in their account details 'about you' and then it should show up in your forum posts automatically.

Re: Signature in Forum

Posted on: 07/04/08 01:01am
By: Anonymous

Users filled signature section but still the signature is not appearing on forum. What is wrong with this. In which files I need to check. Please reply.

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