Subject: Chameleon header

Posted on: 18/03/08 12:00pm
By: Joe Ultrascan

Only on Chameleon does this happen - {page_title} - {site_name}

Which results in the site slogan showing up in the title tab on the browser. When a book mark is made the slogan shows first and the site name second.

On the rest of the site pages this is desirable, but on the index page it is not. As site visitors usually bookmark the index page, the site name should come first so the visitor's bookmark (favorite) shows the site name instead of the slogan.

Aside from reversing them on 'htmlheadder.thtml', which would result in the change taking place on all pages, can this be fixed so it shows one way on the index page - site_name first- slogan second- and - page_title first - site_name second - on all the others?

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