Subject: theme porting Help

Posted on: 14/02/08 01:01pm
By: Anonymous

Here is the thing, never used CMS before, was given a template and told to make the site dynamic. All i have is content and photos, nothing more. I have done a few tutorials on theme edits and porting, but i can't seem to figure this out, where to begin or what i am to do... can someone point me in the right direction?

Re: theme porting Help

Posted on: 14/02/08 03:16pm
By: Dirk

Well, the documentation would be a start. A quick search for "theme tutorial" brings up this article. And the demo site has quite a few themes for inspiration and download.

bye, Dirk

Re: theme porting Help

Posted on: 14/02/08 07:23pm
By: geiss

The article that Dirk is referring to points to a step by step how to port a theme tutorial I wrote. I'd start with a read of the Documentation like Dirk suggests, and then dive into the port tutorial.

Feel free to post any questions here or over at gl Labs.

Hope this helps!


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