Subject: A few questions

Posted on: 25/01/08 05:00am
By: vinod1227

I am an aspiring 6 figure blogger with absolutely no knowledge of html. My website will be focused on successful indians thriving in the United States. Enough of my background, here are my questions:

[I'm using GLLABS template]

1) How do I embed photos into my stories?
2) How do i remove static buttons? 'Contribute', 'Advanced search'

I would appreciate any help & instructions that I could understand.


Re: A few questions

Posted on: 25/01/08 02:06pm
By: Dirk

The easiest way to use images in stories is to upload them through Geeklog. I've explained how to do that briefly here, for example. Also see your config.php regarding various options to enable automatic resizing of the images.

For your other question, see How do I change the menu?

bye, Dirk

Re: A few questions

Posted on: 25/01/08 08:12pm
By: vinod1227

Dirk, I actually know how to upload the pictures into geeklog, but don't know how to place them within my blog update. What tags do I need to use the photo ? I notice after I upload the photo, Geeklog changes the filename. How do I use that photo?

Re: A few questions

Posted on: 26/01/08 01:52am
By: buckwildbill

Like Dirk said above, he explains it briefly in the link he provided. There is also some more info in the wiki:

Another option is Media Gallery.
Once you have this plugin installed then you can use autotags to insert pictures into an article.
There is also a Media Browser add-on that allows you to search for your pictures through the FCKeditor which makes it real easy for you.

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