Subject: Testing out a theme?

Posted on: 13/01/08 12:32am
By: tacomamama

I feel very dense about all of this. I'd like to be able to develop another theme with my site content, at another URL. (like "" or something like that.) I'm sure there's some very simple answer to how to do that, but I still find PHP very confusing. Right now I'm making all my changes live and I'd like to get away from that.

My current theme is all table-driven and results in about 100 errors per page, so I really need to do something about it. Attempting to edit it seems to be more pain than it's worth, (all those table rows in different thtml files. Gack!) I'd like to start over with a clean, CSS theme now that I know my way around stylesheets.

Re: Testing out a theme?

Posted on: 07/02/08 06:55am
By: 1000ideen

I don`t really understand your question. What help do you want?

You can develope a theme invisibly to guests if you mean that.

Re: Testing out a theme?

Posted on: 07/02/08 10:49am
By: Anonymous

I guess that is what I mean. How would I go about that?

Re: Testing out a theme?

Posted on: 07/02/08 10:58am
By: 1000ideen

If your default theme is professional
$_CONF['theme'] = 'professional'; // default theme

make sure you have this on too
$_CONF['allow_user_themes'] = 1;

Copy your theme to any other name like test-professional and go into Geeklog, your account settings and chose the theme test-professional. Now you can work on test-professional while all the other users see the default.

Re: Testing out a theme?

Posted on: 07/02/08 12:27pm
By: Anonymous

I'm not using professional. I'm using Tabular Dynamics, which is very buggy. I have allow user themes set to 1, but when I go to my account settings I don't see anything about themes. (I still have professional installed somewhere, so I'd think I'd at least have that option?)

Re: Testing out a theme?

Posted on: 07/02/08 01:47pm
By: 1000ideen

Did you download the version for GL 1.4.1 from here? If it is buggy you may give details here.

All themes are being uploaded to /public_html/layout/yourtheme
e.g. /public_html/layout/professional

You could do a good trick by setting professional as default, then do the changes in your GL account to your test-theme and set back the default to tabular dynamics.

Finally you may set $_CONF['allow_user_themes'] = 0; so that no user can change the theme while you are working on it.

Re: Testing out a theme?

Posted on: 07/02/08 01:59pm
By: Anonymous

I downloaded it straight from the geeklog website, about a year ago before the most recent update to my theme, which has caused all sorts of misery.

I will try what you advise, might have to do it in the middle of the night to prevent weirdness.

Re: Testing out a theme?

Posted on: 07/02/08 02:01pm
By: Dirk

If you're using a theme that was made for an earlier version of Geeklog, you may miss some features.

There's an updated version of the Tabular Dynamics theme available from (via our demo site), btw.

bye, Dirk

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