Subject: Quick and dirty Weather Block

Posted on: 06/11/07 06:28pm
By: scarecrow

Any interest in a simple weather block similar to code posted by Trampoline in this post?

Main difference is my tweak uses a member's location data to snarf the weather info from accuweather for their location, or uses a 'system default' location for anonymous users or users that have no location info set.

Main downshot is that if a user has their location set to something that accuweather can't understand, it yields a blank weather sticker.
Acceptable location format can be:

US Zip Code (90201 12345 etc)
City, State (Chicago, Il Calgary, AB etc)
City, Country (London, UK Paris, FR Sydney, AU etc)

If anyone's interested, take a look here:
quick and dirty weather block

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