Subject: smilies plugin 1.0 available

Posted on: 06/11/07 03:40pm
By: machinari

This plugin allows you to add smilies to any site content that supports autotags.
You get:
* a smiley manager for uploading and editing smilies
* submission queue that may or may not be used if users are allowed to upload smilies
* smilies are created by replacing an autotag with the smiley image so any site content that supports autotags will support smilies via this plugin.

:doh: As usual, I forgot the install instructions. It does, however, install just as any typical plugin. I think the evList install instructions are in there.

Oh, and you need to adjust your permissions for public_html/smilies/smileyfiles/ and for public_html/smilies/submissions/ in order to allow the server to write new files to those dirs.

Find the file here.

Re: smilies plugin 1.0 available

Posted on: 19/03/08 03:42pm
By: k_at_work

Any chance you will be enhancing this plugin? I found one bug and have some requests. Big Grin

- '<' can not be used in the code or description. it gets filtered out.
- add sorting. either add a text box to each row in the admin page so that you can type in numbers to sort the rows by (like media gallery album sorting) or add up and down arrows like the block editor.
- add an FCKEditor plugin that can show a popup of the smilies. clicking on a smiley would insert the autotag for it into the story.
- add an option to preserve the file name when uploading smilies instead of using the date/time generated file name. if the name already exists keep adding a number until finding an unused name (e.g. icon_happy.gif, icon_happy1.gif, icon_happy2.gif, etc).


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