Subject: Subcategory Display Problem in Filemgmt Plugin

Posted on: 29/09/07 09:46pm
By: johnjr

I'm having a problem where the subcategories aren't all being displayed.

I've set the number of categories to display per row, to 2, by changing the $numCategoriesPerRow variable to '2' in the index.php file in /public_html/filemgmt folder.

That works fine. I have 2 columns of Categories.

In one main category, I have 7 subcategories. Only 5 of the subcategories are being displayed, with a '...' after the last one displayed.

How can I correct this display problem, or reduce the number of subcategories displayed per row, so that it creates more rows for the subcategories?

Also, I noticed that if I click on a main category name, it only says that there are no files in that category, rather than listing the subcategories and showing all of the files that are in those subcategories. Is there a way to fix this too?


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