Subject: Install Media Gallery 1.5.0

Posted on: 17/07/07 02:14am
By: Anonymous

Hello! anybody can help me to install media gallery.

i followed the installation manual where to put the files on the server
and when i login as administrator to my geeklog
and i click the button install for media gallery, nothing happens.

Any suggestions to this problem? Cry

Re: Install Media Gallery 1.5.0

Posted on: 17/07/07 07:27am
By: mevans


Can you look at Geeklog's error.log file and see if there are any messages there. Also, if you have access to the web server's error log, check to see if there is anything of interest there too.

Just to make sure I understand, you see Media Gallery listed as an available plugin to install, you click it, do you see Media Gallery's main install page, or do you not get that far?

A few more details on which screen you see when 'nothing' is happening would be helpful.


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