Subject: Image Adds Space on Article

Posted on: 03/06/07 11:59pm
By: nanvr

Please look at and help me understand why when I add a image, I get a huge space between the photo and the article. How do I get the article to paste flush against the image? This does not happen on my other site- Bloom Where You're .Thanks in advance.

Re: Image Adds Space on Article

Posted on: 04/06/07 02:10am
By: Ook

If you don't use the image designation
PHP Formatted Code
[image1_left] [image2_right]

(left/right of text) then I think it is default to place the bottom of image on the top line of text.

If you are entering an image tag manually (or editing them) use

PHP Formatted Code
align="left" align="right"

in the tag.

Your other site uses tables to juxtaposition images and text. I think that is considered an old fashioned practice.

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