Subject: How to make text white?

Posted on: 03/04/07 07:39pm
By: ofey

I am making some changes to the ClearBlue theme.

I have changed to a dark background and so I am trying to change the text 'Today's Featured Article' to be white instead of black. Does anyone know which file I should be using?

Also I want the footer items to be white so that items such as the link to Geeklog and copyright are visible against a dark background. I know they are in footer.thtml and I've found that file, but I do not know what to do next.

Re: How to make text white?

Posted on: 04/04/07 02:27am
By: Ook

Geeklog is formatted with css. So you are looking for "color:#xxxxxx;" attributes in your public_html/layout/your_theme/style.css file or something like it.

The example that I found of a ClearBlue sytle.css is not extensive. However the color attribute in the .storybox class looks like a possibility.

In your footer.thtml, you might try inline styles. For example, in the cell tag that contains text, add the attribute

style="color:#FFFFFF;" .

I notice there is a class="footerbox" attribute in that tag. Maybe better than inline styles, to define .footerbox in style.css:

Re: How to make text white?

Posted on: 04/04/07 06:48am
By: ofey

Thanks Ook! That works brilliantly.

Is it possible to highlight the text transparently, so background comes through a bit?

Re: How to make text white?

Posted on: 04/04/07 02:15pm
By: Ook

Don't know. Sounds like an opportunity to become a css super hero by studying at that link I included.

Re: How to make text white?

Posted on: 11/01/08 12:48am
By: Anonymous

I just got a free myspace layout and I put it on. But all the text is white with a black background yet some of it is black on black. How can I change the text that is black to white? Also when Im typing is there a trick to make the print bold? Or change the colors?

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