Subject: professional theme, button_help.png and and ZoneAlarm

Posted on: 14/01/07 04:21pm
By: jalmada

The other day, once of my geeklog sites turned up with the following code in all the blocks where my button_help.png image was supposed to be:

img src=''

It took some doing to figure what was going on. I was having a real time of it figuring out if my server had been hacked and I finally realized that my freshly installed copy of ZoneAlarm was causing the entire issue. Turning off ad blocking resolved the problem instantly. Since I use FireFox, I instead downloaded the AD Block plugin and associated automatic updater for that capability and am doing fine now.

For whatever reason, ZoneAlarm confused my help image button as an advertisement! Go figure!

Just wanted to pass on that ZoneAlarm can do some really funny things to you and send you off on a wild-goose chase if you don't watch out!


Re: professional theme, button_help.png and and ZoneAlarm

Posted on: 06/07/08 10:04pm
By: Anonymous

Thank you VERY much for this tip - I have been going nuts since I installed zone alarm with this problem - problem now solved - THANK YOU!!!!


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