Subject: Geeklog CSS issue?

Posted on: 24/11/06 10:36pm
By: Laugh


Notice that the What's New and Older Stories Block points are set in about a third of the block (the margins). I am using IE 6. The Resource Block displays correctly.

Re: Geeklog CSS issue?

Posted on: 25/11/06 12:02am
By: samstone

I added the following to my style.css and solved the problem.
PHP Formatted Code
ul, li{
li {list-style: disc;
        padding-left: 0px;
        margin-left: 0px;
        margin-top: 3px;
        margin-bottom: 3px;
        list-style-position: outside;

Hope this helps!


Re: Geeklog CSS issue?

Posted on: 26/11/06 01:18pm
By: Blaine

You can add the following CSS rule to your theme's style.css file. The blocks in GL 1.4.1 use these new CSS classes. The new rule has been added to CVS.

CSS Formatted Code

/* Block Lists ****************************************************************/
.list-older-stories {

Re: Geeklog CSS issue?

Posted on: 26/11/06 01:50pm
By: Dirk

Geeklog has actually added these list-* classes to the lists it generates for the last couple of releases already. They simply didn't have any entries in the default stylesheet until now, though.

bye, Dirk

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