Subject: Serious Help Required

Posted on: 19/10/06 04:13pm
By: eyecravedvd

Hi all,

Today just out of the blue I'm unable to open the full story on my site. When I click on it I'm redirected to index.php.

I changed the code in article.php to echo $display rather than the refresh code and I'll I get is a blank page. It's doesn't seem to want to execute the article code at the top.

Also effected are the events, and I can't save, create, or edit anything as it just refreshes to the admin screen. My DVD/Easter Egg sections are also effected as it won't execute the code to seperate the categories.

The only thing I've added to my site recently was an upgrade of my vBulletin forums, but their not tied in at all. Any help would be grand.

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Serious Help Required

Posted on: 19/10/06 08:20pm
By: Euan

Sounds like the articles are not being found or variables are not being passed correctly (in particular story id). Try uncommenting the echo COM_debug($_POST); at line 59 and see if that tells you what is being passed.

Hope that helps.


Serious Help Required

Posted on: 20/10/06 10:12am
By: eyecravedvd

The issue was at the host. They turned off php_flag register_globals and then set it on for my domain.

I'll be upgrading to the latest stable version this weekend to avoid this in the future.

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