Subject: CODE tag in the Forum

Posted on: 05/10/06 08:36am
By: Robin


haven't noticed whether this was reported or not but the CODE tag doesn't work in the Forum on


CODE tag in the Forum

Posted on: 05/10/06 09:37pm
By: Blaine

I think the CSS had just not been added when the new GL version and theme was installed.
    if($_USER['uid'] > 1 ) {
        $query = DB_query("SELECT pid,forum FROM {$_TABLES['gf_topic']} WHERE id={$showtopicid}");
        list ($showtopicpid,$forumid) = DB_fetchArray($query);
        if ($showtopicpid == 0 ) {
            $showtopicpid = $showtopicid;
        $log_sql = DB_query("SELECT * FROM {$_TABLES['gf_log']} WHERE uid=$_USER[uid] AND topic=$showtopicpid");
        $lrows = DB_numRows($log_sql);
        $logtime = time();
        if ($lrows < 1) {
            DB_query("INSERT INTO {$_TABLES['gf_log']} (uid,forum,topic,time) VALUES ('$_USER[uid]','$forumid','$showtopicpid','$logtime')"); 
        } else {
            DB_query("UPDATE {$_TABLES['gf_log']} SET time=$logtime WHERE uid=$_USER[uid] AND topic=$showtopicpid"); 

End of code test

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