Subject: 2 Geeklog Sites

Posted on: 03/07/06 04:33pm
By: Anonymous

Setup a new geeklog site for BrewMania, the first time I set one up for a business. Works and looks very good with a semi modified 'clean' theme.

Check it out, looks great.

2 Geeklog Sites

Posted on: 12/08/06 06:08am
By: nanvr

Neat...How did he do that experts? How did he integrate a shopping cart into GL? That's neat. I'd like to have a shopping cart on my site too.

Is there a way to integrate my current into GL like that?

Please advise

2 Geeklog Sites

Posted on: 12/08/06 10:39am
By: Blaine

He's just linking to an offsite page for the shopping cart. Check out the URL when you go to the purchase page, he's setup the yahoo shopping cart.

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