Subject: Feature Requests "Now", automatic newlines

Posted on: 11/06/06 09:38am
By: Anonymous

Hello! I must say that I'm pretty satisfied with the geeklog software. I would like to make two requests.

Under the story editor, it would be great to have a function that refreshed the time entry. Personally, I'd like the time to be set when I post, not when I load the page. I don't know how Geeklog actually works, but I would think a simple Javascript code could change this. (If it would help, I could code this.)

My second request is when posting HTML entries. When I used to run LiveJournal, I loved the fact that it was a mixture of HTML and plain text. I could enter HTML and create line breaks and LJ would automagically enter in
for each new line I created.

Could a similar method be done with HTML entries? I apologize that I just don't know enough geeklog to see how to implement this.


Feature Requests "Now", automatic newlines

Posted on: 11/06/06 09:42am
By: Anonymous

oops...sorry the paragraph didn't come out right...

for each new line a <br> was created..

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