Subject: Polls on Each Topic

Posted on: 12/05/06 09:27pm
By: itsreal

I hope that no one has already made this hack but just in case here it is. I wanted a way to Have a poll show up only on a related topic so I came up with a solution.

In the /plugins/polls/ I made this Mod

function phpblock_polls()
    $retval = POLLS_showPoll( 1,$_GET['topic']);

    return $retval;

Then you Give the PollID the same ID as The TopicID that you want the poll to show on. Example. I want to show a Poll on Topic Hurricane Stories, the topicID is hstories so the PollID will be hstories.

Then you make a Block restricted to the Topic you want the poll to show on. Make it a PHP Block, with the function call phpblock_polls and walla.

If anyone thinks I did something wrong, please let me know.

You can see it in action at
It's Real Florida

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