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Posted on: 12/05/06 08:59pm
By: Imaginate

I have a client who has a geeklog site and a account He wants the stories from his geeklog site to automatically update to his myspace blog... is this possible ? or vice versa?

Garnet updating

Posted on: 03/10/06 04:04pm
By: lbpp

I see that this is not something that anyone replied to, but i think this would be a very usefull tool. Myspace is one of the largest and most trafficed websites in the world and it would be great to find a way to update dynamically like that. I run a site and also maintain a myspace, and if i want to have the blogs i write on both it is kinda a pain in the ass. Anyone else interested in this? If so we should move this to feature requests. updating

Posted on: 03/10/06 04:19pm
By: Dirk

Sounds more like a job for a plugin ...

Does MySpace support any protocols for external updates, e.g. the Blogger API?

bye, Dirk updating

Posted on: 03/10/06 04:45pm
By: lbpp

Thats a good question Dirk i will do some digging and find out. I think this would be a spectacular plugin if it could work. You could promote it heavily on Myspace and i think that would dramatically boost the number of people using GL. updating

Posted on: 18/10/06 02:38pm
By: Anonymous

Just wondering if there was any further progress on this... the rss blog feeds from myspace import no problem into geeklog blocks... but can we get geeklog blogs to import into myspace... that is the trick?

Garnet updating

Posted on: 18/10/06 03:35pm
By: lbpp

I sent myspace an email regarding this over a week ago and no one has gotten back to me.

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