Subject: login requires reload to work

Posted on: 05/05/06 01:59pm
By: kyngchaos

I've had this problem for a while - GL 1.3.x, now in 1.4 - but it hasn't been enough of a problem to worry about. But now it's affecting the advanced editor.

When anyone logs in, it goes back to the main page with no indication that the login failed, but doesn't succeed either. Hit the reload button in the browser, and now the user is logged in. Affects Safari, FireFox (Mac/Win) and Explorer (Win), haven't tested others. The new issue with the advanced editor is that when the user tries to preview a new story, the content is dropped, yet the subject stays. If the story is saved immediately without previewing, it works.

I have another site, same GL, similar config (just the domain and naming options differ), same PHP version and options. It has no such problems.

login requires reload to work

Posted on: 05/05/06 03:25pm
By: bcbrock

by chance, is your $_CONF['site_url'] variable defined with an IP address?

I've had similar (not identical) issues on my test server when I've used an ip address there.

login requires reload to work

Posted on: 05/05/06 03:45pm
By: kyngchaos

no IP - actually, I leave the site URL empty of an address and just have a relative path to the site's subfolder. Same as on the site that works except there is no subfolder there.

I used to put the full '' in the site_url, but that isn't really necessary for any links in the site's pages and just bloats the web page code with zillions of superfluous prefixes to all site links. When I did have the domain name in the site_url it had the same login problem.

Maybe it's the extra subfolder in the site_url (I use a subfolder to keep it separate from the public, static site).

login requires reload to work

Posted on: 05/06/06 07:02pm
By: kyngchaos

Must have something to do with the site being in a subfolder of the domain ( I just moved the whole site to the root (, reconfigured, and the login problem disappeared. Maybe a mismatched cookie? in both cases I had the cookiedomain config'd as and the cookiepath as '/', tho I think I tried setting the cookiepath to the subfolder in the original case with no luck.

The advanced editor problem still exists, but I should add a little explanation: it's when I click the normal 'Preview" button at the bottom of the advanced editor page, not the "Preview" that is in the blue menubar at the top of the editor, that Preview does work. So, maybe the fancy show/hide menu at the top for the various sections of the advanced editor page are confusing the form submission for a preview.

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