Subject: E-Commerce plugin

Posted on: 14/02/06 05:06pm
By: beewee

Since I'm expecting to obtain an order for making a combination of a CMS + E-commerce application I guess this also would be an excellent chance of making an regular E-commerce plugin for Geeklog.

It will be less feature-rich as Zen-Cart and OS-Commerce, but since we have to make it from scratch I would like to know your most urgent wishes for such a plugin. When the plugin is ready it will be a 'Premium plugin' and will cost approximately EUR 50.

E-Commerce plugin

Posted on: 15/02/06 03:41am
By: ScurvyDawg

It would be nice if it played nice with sites like Ebay and Amazon and Ubid or Overstock. So either I could display the items I have on those sites or post to them from my site .... those are fantastic sales channels to display in one location.

Paypal friendly too....

And Multiple Tax zones and Provinces and Postal Codes as well as states and ZIP Codes.

E-Commerce plugin

Posted on: 15/02/06 05:32am
By: beewee

Well, I just talked to my client, and I'm afraid that it will be so custom made that we can't use it as a normal e-commerce plugin. I'm not sure if it will be based on Geeklog either.

I'll keep you posted.

BTW zClassifieds can show your Ebay listings as far as I can remember.

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