Subject: GL_Gallery2-User permissions

Posted on: 02/02/06 08:39pm
By: casper

From the plugin documentations:
GL_Gallery2 will create two groups for access to the gallery - one for viewing and one for administration. You can set up who's allowed access to the gallery using the Geeklog users, features, and groups system.

No matter how, I still only get the admin-group installed.
No entry in the error.log

The gallery should not be available for anon users.
How should I get it the way I want?

GL_Gallery2-User permissions

Posted on: 09/02/06 03:49pm
By: casper

GL_Gallery2-User permissions

Posted on: 14/02/06 08:09pm
By: casper

Now I tried a clean install of GL 1.4.
Gallery2 plugin installs fine.
Now it f** up the searcharea, and letters such as æøå..
See a screenshot here
Cant even uninstall the plugin!
And not even get a decent suggestion on whats wrong, from anybody?

When operating the gallery, both as stand-alone, and via the plugin all pages renders fine... and still the above reported error.
When registered or unregistered user tries to open the galleries when anonumous access are disabled they are redirected to nonexistent page /users.php, not /anypage

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