Subject: Vote for Geeklog at the WebCMS Forum

Posted on: 21/01/06 02:18am
By: Anonymous

Hey folks,

I'm just making the rounds to all the CMS Portal sites and inviting you to take part in a poll on one of my sites, WebCMS Forum. The poll asks "Which CMS Portal is your favorite?" and can be found by clicking here:,21.0.html . Registration is required (it's the only way I can ensure one vote per user).

The primary focus of my site, WebCMS Forum, is for discussion of Web-based Content Management Systems including Portals (Drupal, Joomla, Geeklog, etc), Weblogs (Wordpress, NuclueusCMS, etc), and Forums (SMF, phpBB, etc). We also hope to see some healthy discussion from the ecommerce folks as well as those involved in web designing and hosting. We know a lot of open source communities are proud of their software and we hope this forum becomes a place for all of us to get together and have positive discussions on how best we're using the software.


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