Subject: New Plugin Alpha

Posted on: 06/01/06 04:39pm
By: tomw

I am developing a new plugin and a new version of the universal plugin. The new plugin is an expanded bookmarks plugin. With it you can set up a mini digg style site.

It uses advanced css and ajax and javascript. It is not ready for release yet, but I would like some people to try it with different browsers/operating systems to see how it performs. You can see it at The Pigstye. Currently you will have to log in to see it. There is also a bookmarklet (in User/Bookmark Options) that will allow you to automatically add sites. Some of the features:

Full Geeklog Permissions (you can have private bookmarks)
Rating (ajax enabled - try it)
Some fancy javascript editing helpers
Favicon support

Features I am working on:
Javascript form verification
User options
Admin options

When I get through I will add:
RSS feed

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

New Plugin Alpha

Posted on: 07/03/06 02:38pm
By: Anonymous

Any word on this, ie. how can I download the plugin? I'm setting up a non-profit fundraiaing website and this is exactly what we're looking for!

New Plugin Alpha

Posted on: 09/03/06 04:32am
By: Robin

Alpha Bravo Charlie
Great news Tom
The bookmark plugin looks great and thank you for bringing back to live the Universal Plugin


Re: New Plugin Alpha

Posted on: 13/07/07 06:08pm
By: 1000ideen

Is there anywhere to download the plugin? I`d like to have my personal bookmarks online. Is is stabile enough to do that?

Re: New Plugin Alpha - bookmarking scripts

Posted on: 17/07/07 09:58am
By: 1000ideen

There are sooooo nice online bookmarking scripts, wouldn`t any of those fit into Geeklog?

Re: New Plugin Alpha

Posted on: 17/07/07 12:47pm
By: Dazzy

I needed to give people somewhere to store personal stuff a few years ago, I created a group with staticpages.edit rights and then assigned them as owner to a staticpage, they then can't edit anybody elses.

Not the same by any means but worked for me at the time. Infact never tried this but the sma eshould be able to be done with the links plugin, if they want them private just give the owner read permissions

Re: New Plugin Alpha

Posted on: 18/07/07 04:39am
By: 1000ideen

Well, yes, at least I thought about what I really need again...

The link plugin is not a bad solution but I should be able to import bookmarks, add them with a JavaScript-1-click or drag and drop, subdirectories.

Up to now I found this one most attractive:

Beware of 'olbookmark' it got security problems with register_globals!

Re: New Plugin Alpha

Posted on: 19/07/07 06:20am
By: Anonymous

Might be worth seeing if you get enough interest to raise a bounty to get someone to improve the native links plugin,

Re: New Plugin Alpha

Posted on: 19/07/07 08:27am
By: 1000ideen

I think there are two huge potentials in Geeklog which are almost invisible to the public.

#1 is the usage as forum. Geeklog is normally not being listed as forum software anywhere.
#2 the usage as online bookmarks.

If you search for the words "bookmark online" you will find several projects. One of the best is 'linkbase'. Geeklog got almost everything needed. The categories of the link manager just need subcategories and the whole thing needs a different display e.g. like a tree. Then Geeklog could become the best online bookmark script available.

Re: New Plugin Alpha

Posted on: 19/07/07 10:53am
By: tomw

I developed the bookmark plugin so that it had most of the features of the popular bookmark services and expanded and updated the universal plugin to include all the new apis, no one was interested, so I dropped them.

If you want things like this you have to support the plugin authors and at least agree to help them test and provide feedback. You can only beat your head against the wall for so long before you quit.

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