Subject: WikiMarkup instead of Plaintext

Posted on: 04/12/05 03:36pm
By: romantaran

With this hack you can use Wiki text formatting when publishing articles and comments in plain text mode. In my opinion, WikiMarkup is more useful than HTML and JS text editor. Read WikiMarkup.htm in archive to learn more about it.

For example:

* use an exclamation mark ! at the beginning of a line to create a small headline, !! for medium and !!! for large headlines

Text style

* if you want to emphasize text enclose it in two single-quotes '' (usually looks italic)
* text gets bold with two underscores __ (or if enclosed with two asterisks **)
* to make text big enclose it in hash characters ##
* you can get smaller text using "ยตยต" likewise


* start a line with an asterisk * to begin a list
* use # instead for numerated lists
1. you can create sublists
2. subsequent list points should start with the same mix of * and #

and so on.

The hack is tested with Geeklog 1.3.11. The main functions are from the ErfurtWiki - a fast, user-friendly, highly configurable Wiki engine in PHP ( See also EWiki plugin for Geekklog (

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