Subject: WISYWIG

Posted on: 24/10/05 12:29pm
By: Vapour71

I was wondering how difficult it would be to be able to develop a WISYWIG hack/addon that can be written to be added to theme files so that the editor is available for ALL past and present themes? I know that only a select few themes have the WISYWIG Editor available. Just a thought. I don't have the educational privledge to develop it myself but if I did, I would create one So, maybe some of you PHP knowledgeable people could develop one?


Posted on: 24/10/05 12:49pm
By: Robin

I would say why reinvent the wheel as there are several good examples of html editors that can be easily adopted by you to use with Geeklog.
There is FCKeditor, TinyMCE, htmlArea, RichText Editor,etc. In addition majority of them have been already incorporated into Geeklog. You can find instructions/how-to's in this very forum.


Posted on: 24/10/05 01:22pm
By: Vapour71

Sweet Robin, thx for the reply posting


Posted on: 24/10/05 02:51pm
By: jetshack

Grammar Nazi


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