Subject: HowTo: Inmemoriam autolinks in the forum

Posted on: 01/10/05 11:58pm
By: machinari

For those of you using the Inmemoriam Gallery plugin as well as Blaine's forum plugin on your Geeklog site, then this is for you! it's actually just for gavin, but you all can have it

How to enable the use of Inmemoriam (or any other site content) autolinks in your Geeklog Forum, version 2.3.2 final (assuming a current version of GL as well):

Step 1: find the forum's gf_showtopic.php file, which is in your forum's public includes directory. In that file find the function showtopic(). at about line 100, find this line:
    $showtopic['comment'] = stripslashes($showtopic['comment']);

and change it to this:
    $showtopic['comment'] = PLG_replaceTags(stripslashes($showtopic['comment']));

That will enable you use use other site content autolinks in your forums.
However, if you want those autolinks to refer to other forum threads, you'll have to take care of one small bug.

Step 2 (the bug fix): find the forum's plugin_autotags_forum() function and add this line to the beginning of the function:
    global $_CONF;

There you have it.

For instructions on how to use autolinks, see About Autolinks And Autotags and/or the relevant plugin's usage doc, e.g., Inmemoriam's usage doc shows you how to refer to albums and images in autolinks, which inturn display a thumbnail or a link depending on how you wrote your autolink.

HowTo: Inmemoriam autolinks in the forum

Posted on: 04/10/05 06:14pm
By: machinari

...and if you are running Blaine's 2.5 version of the forum plugin, then you don't need to do anything because it already parses autolinks that refer to other site content.

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