Subject: RSS bloks growing in size

Posted on: 24/08/05 06:06am
By: zokahn


It has been a while since i've been on the forums here... Maybe the someone beat me to asking this but:

Is there a way to get a rss feed block in the middle instead of left or right. I don't use the featured artikel stuff... but i would like to have page that starts with 1 or 2 articles then a Full size rss feed, article, RSS feed rest of the articles. like we see in with the forum summary.

Reason for asking is that Slashdot and rootprompt feeds are getting so big (per line) that they dont read easy anymore. I would like to give them more space, in te middle of the page:

See: (it's all the right side blocks that have mega lines....)

I'm still very happy with geeklog...

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