Subject: Billing software

Posted on: 16/06/05 10:59am
By: beewee

Since most of us would like to earn some money with their GL based website, perhaps this is of anu interest: Agile ( offers a billing software and a bridge to Geeklog. Not free of course, but not very expensive either.

Billing software

Posted on: 16/06/05 03:07pm
By: vinny

For smaller sites that can't justify even that expense, I'm working on Paypal plugin. Currently it only supports digital e-commerce, but I plan to add more features in the near future. It is an 'RC' now, but version 0.1 will be released by this weekend.

Check it out here.


Billing software

Posted on: 16/06/05 03:42pm
By: beewee

Hey, nice. I'malso working on a pay-to-submit-your-link solution with micro payment (0900 number, for Europe). Should take a few months...

For a new project we possibly will be making a kind of back-office plugin

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