Subject: Geeklog Withstands Slashdotting

Posted on: 25/04/05 04:48pm
By: ajzz

Today a Geeklog Site - Groklaw - got slashdotted ... as of 2 minutes ago it was still doing well... Perhaps we should contact the owners to write an article here about how Geeklog responds to the Slashdot Effect.



[Edit: a forum search tells me this is not the first time - so kudos to all involved]

Geeklog Withstands Slashdotting

Posted on: 25/04/05 08:12pm
By: ScurvyDawg

Yeah Groklaw is a great showcase of how GL can handle the biggest spikes in traffic. However many slashdottings happen because people run out of bandwidth and have their accounts suspended due to extremely high bandwidth usage.

But as we all know many scripts just can't handle it GL however can and that, as Martha says, is a good thing.

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