Subject: Digital Deception DOT net

Posted on: 13/03/05 02:23pm
By: Anonymous

we have been using geeklog off and on for about a year and a half, we just rescently installed geeklog again to our main site. our site basicly consists of computer scientists, hackers, and it pros with a few newbs thrown in here and there. were a fairly close knit comunity and have been around for about 4 years now. we have tried numerous CMS programs including Land down under, xoops, php nuke, phpwebsite, and mambo. i thik well be sticking with geeklog from now on. HTTP://

Digital Deception DOT net

Posted on: 22/03/05 12:24am
By: Anonymous

I rescently edited the look of my site, its going full force now. looking for affiliates, if your site has anything to do with computers/security/or comedy let me know, ill trade links with you.

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