Subject: Looking for a document management plugin

Posted on: 13/02/05 11:19pm
By: doo

I'm looking for a plugin that will allow me to manage several files as if they were one download. For example, I have some documents that I want made available as PDF, DOC, and TXT, (and maybe a ZIP of all of them). I would like to display these in something like the usual download plugins, but need a way to bundle these all together as one download with different options. I have looked all over, and so far havent found anything. Does such a plugin exist?


Looking for a document management plugin

Posted on: 14/02/05 01:25am
By: mthomas

Not yet, if you a programmer take a look at the gzip or zip pear functions and the File_get_content and file_put_contents functions in the knowledgebase i may give you some ideas, if I have time I may throw something togeather, however time is short over the last year :-(

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