Subject: Who's online by Country

Posted on: 12/02/05 05:36am
By: gmon750

I am polishing up a new GL block which is a variation of the default Who's online block. It not only displays the users online, but also a flag of the country they are accessing the site from. It is all done in real-time.

For those folks who like to see where their visitors are from, it is a really cool little plugin. It will support and display all the flags in a very clean and formatted table with a summary of users by country.

I would really appreciate some feedback on the block. I am in the final stages of cleaning and polishing the code. If interest is high, I would like to post the plug in after completion.

You can see the who's online block in action by clicking here

Who's online by Country

Posted on: 12/02/05 12:10pm
By: i2eeD

Great idea, and I'd definitely be interested if you released it officially. Great work!

Who's online by Country

Posted on: 12/02/05 12:54pm
By: enigmah

excellent idea. CIA software, eh? What else do they have that we can use?

Who's online by Country

Posted on: 12/02/05 01:36pm
By: knuff

Really Nice !!!

And lovely underwater pictures by the way

One nice addition, that could be even more cool is adding all these visiting countries to the database, so you could generate an additional link stating, countries that visited us and then have all the flags ...

Really Cool (and I downloaded firefox )

Best Regards,

Who's online by Country

Posted on: 12/02/05 02:16pm
By: machinari

nice work! its nice to see my flag online once in a while.

Who's online by Country

Posted on: 12/02/05 02:51pm
By: gmon750

The CIA site provided all the flags of every country, which I resampled down to a block-friendly size and synched the country-names with the IP database.

The only main thing left to do is to provide alt="" info on the flags so that when you place your mouse pointer over it, a small text appears over the flag stating which country that particular flag belongs to. It's just eye-candy but I like eye-candy.

I was considering instead to list one-line per country and include the full country name besides it but thought it would take up too much space and not look very nice. Perhaps I could make it a switch to change between formats?

Hmm.... I will ponder the idea...

Who's online by Country

Posted on: 25/03/05 09:39pm
By: enigmah

I am waiting patiently for this block

Who's online by Country

Posted on: 09/08/05 05:23am
By: Anonymous

Hi, was this modified who's online block ever released officially? Am keen to try it. Appreciate the effort

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