Subject: phpBBbridge and new skins

Posted on: 15/12/04 03:47pm
By: penguin

I am wanting to use a skin I imported into phpBB. It looks fine unless you try to view a topic. Then you get this error:

BBtemplate->make_filename(): Error - file does not exist
Just below the logo.

I noticed this in the install instructions for phpBBbridge:

5. phpBB Modifications

Most phpBB mods should work just fine. The one thing you need to take into consideration is the fact that to prevent a phpBB-Geeklog naming collision, I replaced all phpBB instances of "Template" with "BBtemplate". If for any reason your mod makes a referene to "Template", change it to "BBtemplate".

Am I right in assuming this is what is causing the issue? If so what file(s) do I need to edit to make it work.


phpBBbridge and new skins

Posted on: 15/12/04 05:59pm
By: Turias

Themes shouldn't need to touch the BBtemplate/Template class. As far as I know, this is only done directly through php files. So, the Template->BBtemplate issue only affects you if you are adding new php files to the forum, not if you are adding a new look.

So, it looks like your error is being caused by a bad theme. Are you sure it is compatible with phpBB 2.0.11? My guess is that it isn't, and that it is missing a necessary file.

phpBBbridge and new skins

Posted on: 15/12/04 09:12pm
By: penguin

I just installed the exact same skin from the same download on a different standalone phpBB forums and it works.

phpBBbridge and new skins

Posted on: 15/12/04 09:20pm
By: penguin

THIS helped me figure out what it was.

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