Subject: users.php plugin friendly

Posted on: 13/12/04 07:57pm
By: machinari

I was working on my dq plugin and decided to make users.php ever so slightly more plugin friendly. ie, to display "last 10 posts.." and "total stats" without the end user having to always replace/modify users.php and add template files whenever they had a plugin that wanted to post stats in the user profile display.

so, a couple of standard changes: 1 function already existed in lib-plugins, needed one more; of course the profile.thtml was modified to accomodate a plugin's variables; and said variables display in 3 new and small usertemplate files; and in users.php only 1 line was added and 1 line edited.

Note: I'm not talking about the profile edit form, just the profile display. of course the same idea would apply there, but I didn't do that.

now plugins may integrate into the user display, just like the forum does now, but without having to deliver a package with new users.php file, template files, etc. this is assuming that my mod or some variation of it is accepted into the core.

so... who do I ask, and/or who can i send my diff to? or should i submit a patch to the bug tracker? tho this isn't at all a bug.

users.php plugin friendly

Posted on: 13/12/04 09:58pm
By: Blaine

If you are already a member of the mailing list geeklog-devtalk then you should register. This is a mailing list where you can discuss your code and ideas.

Dirk has created a FAQ entry on this here

users.php plugin friendly

Posted on: 13/12/04 10:11pm
By: machinari

thanks Blaine.

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