Subject: Forum HTML and Emoticons

Posted on: 17/10/04 12:53am
By: RickW

For my forums plugin, I had use HTML turned off, but use Smilies turned on. If I added an emoticon to my post, such as , it just displayed the text and not the image.

I thought maybe html rendering had something to do with it, so I enabled html use. And it worked. But when I edited my post I had to manually select HTML.

Now when I create a test message, HTML is the default, but I can still select Plain Text, which is good...

But now I'm concerned what risks are involved with allowing html in the posts? Or is that taken care of by the geeklog html filtering?

Forum HTML and Emoticons

Posted on: 18/10/04 12:19am
By: Blaine

If you have the GL Filter option enabled (default) for HTML then Javascript will be filtered out and only allowable HTML (set by you in the config.php) will be saved.

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