Subject: Admin user crippled after recovery from backup

Posted on: 01/10/04 12:05pm
By: Jefficus

My server borked on me the other day and I had to format the hard drive and rebuild.

Fortunately, I have a wonderful backup script that backs up just about everything of importance, so it was really just a matter of unpacking the latest tar, loading the sql dump into my fresh MySQL base and going about my business.

Everything recovered fine, with one exception. The admin user can see the story submission form, but when I submit an article I get: "Sorry, you do not have access to the story administration page. Please note that all attempts to access unauthorized features are logged." It appears that since recovering, my Root user account no longer has super powers.

Has this happened to anybody else? Normally I would just hunt down the code and sort this out the hard way, but I'm up to my armpits in non-Geeklog recovery issues. Any suggestions for what might be the trouble would be appreciated.


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