Subject: User Signatures and BBCODE

Posted on: 03/09/04 11:28am
By: fastfeet

I am trying to get the User Signatures to use BBCODE, so that the User's on my site can add Signature Images. I have been receiving many email request from the users of my site, with this request.

I know it is no big deal to allow HTML code in User Signatures through the 'usersettings.php' file. However I am concerned over the security aspects of doing so. I would much rather allow my Users to use BBCODE in the Signature section instead. Problem is I am not exactly sure how to do so. If you could help me with this, your advice would be greatly appriciated.

Thank You


Re: User Signatures and BBCODE

Posted on: 23/01/07 10:21am
By: Anonymous

I'm triying too please somebody help T_T

Re: User Signatures and BBCODE

Posted on: 24/01/07 01:08am
By: jmucchiello

This is not really possible at the moment. However, GL 1.4.2 will have some new text processing features that will make what you are asking for possible. But that won't be available for several months.

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